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ADDED New Keybind support for ACER keyboards.- Nou
This small update fixes an issue that causes long loading times of the pause menu, and adds and improves French and Japanese translations.

IMPROVED Optimization of CBA_fnc_sortNestedArray#380 commy2
FIXED Skipped PFH when removing while iterating through #950 commy2
FIXED CBA_fnc_getVolume not calculating volume correctly #984 Wakbub

FIXED CBA_fnc_randPos working not as expected #587 commy2

FIXED MP waypoint duplication issue in the AI task functions - SilentSpike
ADDED Turkish translations #1002 654wak654
CHANGED CBA_fnc_players no longer reports headless clients #371 commy2
IMPROVED Replaced BIS_fnc_areEqual by IsEqualTo - Glowbal
ADDED assignedItems parameter to CBA_fnc_uniqueUnitItems #922, #926 dedmen

ADDED Unit test for network component commy2 #497
Change log for CBA v3.6.1
CBA_A3 v3.5.0.171204
IMPROVED Use XEH for RscDisplayConfigure instead of the onLoad config entry #382 commy2
ADDED Functions to convert CBA hashes into CBA namespaces and vice versa #609 commy2
FIXED Addon cba_ui requires addon a3_ui_f_data causing problems with Linux/MacOS ports #346, #357 ViperMaul
Steam Workshop
IMPROVED String Functions Optimizations. Much faster. - Jaynus
IMPROVED Disable "Default" settings button if setting is already the default value #444 PabstMirror
FIXED CBA_fnc_addKeybind running on headless clients #467, #468 commy2
Special thanks to
IMPROVED Remove obsolete and non functional marker persistency feature #473, #485 commy2
ADDED Polish localization - gienkov
ADDED New holdkey feature for Keybinds. - Nou
CHANGED Clarify logging for settings userconfig loading #855 PabstMirror
IMPROVED Categories of CBA functions in ingame Functions viewer #291 commy2
ADDED CBA_MiscItem and CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo base classes for generic items visible in the Virtual Arsenal #744 PabstMirror
ADDED Template for creating a settings file inside a pbo #451, #459 commy2
IMPROVED Save expression in debug console when hitting the enter key #491, #493 PabstMirror
FIXED CBA_fnc_removeMagazineCargo removes all magazines #747, #756 jonpas ACyprus
IMPROVED Performance and behaviour of CBA_fnc_taskDefend. Groups tasked to defend overlapping areas will not double up unit positions #333 SilentSpike
FIXED A function header #594 commy2
DEPRICATED Keybinding API CBA_fnc_registerKeybind - Nou
ADDED Listenable events for CBA settings initialization #437 PabstMirror
CHANGED Settings werent editable in unsaved mission #865, #893 freghar commy2
FIXED CBA_fnc_hashCreate documentation #759 Cuel
IMPROVED Fleximenu uses cursorObject as fallback #348, #838 NeKo-ArroW commy2
FIXED "Updating base class" RPT warnings robalo
IMPROVED compileFinal internal CBA missionNamespace functions #469 commy2
ADDED Some tooltips for settings menu #960, #961 commy2
What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that

Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
It does not require the Apex expansion.
ADDED Function to report all CBA namespaces #608 commy2
REMOVED An unused file. #683 commy2
ADDED Addon Options button in main menu #976 commy2
CHANGED In multiplayer as admin, the client tab is selected by default #833 commy2
REMOVED Obsolete entries in XEH config #749, #750, #751 commy2
CBA_A3 v3.9.0.181012

Forum topic
FIXED The inability to return to default keybinds after starting a new mission. - Nou
OPTIMIZED Substitude functions to reduce eventhandler recompile times #588, #593 commy2
IMPROVED replace PUSH Macro with pushback #247 johoko482
FIXED Replace some true in configs that are converted to 1 by Mikeros tools #302 PabstMirror
FIXED XEH preInit no longer executed after returning from 3DEN after 1.60 hotfix #349, #350 commy2
ADDED Parameter to CBA_fnc_createNamespace to create a public pseudo namespace #381 commy2
Included files

FIXED Taru helicopter sometimes not executing XEH init events #407 commy2

IMPROVED CBA Keybinds are translated according to the keyboard language #631 commy2
This update adds Russians translations, the "extended weapon animations framework" usable for bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns, the ability to bind addon key actions to joysticks indirectly, read documentation!, and a scripted event handler for the completed mission loading screen.
FIXED Default value for argument in CBA_fnc_hashHasKey was not a hash #503, #509 commy2
FIXED ALiVE and possibly other mods referencing obsolete file ui_helper\script_dikCodes.hpp #882 ViperMaul
IMPROVED Hash functions #278, #280 jokoho48
There is a script error popup when saving mission settings in the editor. The settings are saved correctly and the error message can be ignored. See https//
CHANGED Fire Teams no longer have to be synched by CBA #424, #430 PabstMirror
ADDED CBA_fnc_viewDir and CBA_fnc_turretDir #372, #377, #386 commy2
FIXED script_macros_mission.hpp dcoumentation/comment - Glowbal
FIXED "No owner" RPT warnings commy2
ADDED Parameter for editbox setting to filter incorrect input #795, #805 commy2
IMPROVED A description in the defend and patrol modules #618 McDiod
IMPROVED Keybind localization support. - Nou
- Bohemia Interactive - for creating the ultimate simulation

ADDED Scripted event for finished mission loading screen #806 commy2
There is a script error popup when saving mission settings in the editor. The settings are saved correctly and the error message can be ignored. See https//
ADDED Function for tracking projectiles #534 bux
FIXED Animal randomization issue causing RPT Spam Error in expression #114 - robalo, killswitch
FIXED Locality and parameter quoting issue in CBA_fnc_searchNearby #366 Cuel
ADDED Format versions of ERROR_WITH_TITLE macro #516 jonpas
FIXED AI lowering and raising weapon repeatedly #551, #570 SilentSpike
Change log for CBA v3.7.0
FIXED RTP issue in PFH main Loop #171 - Joko

ADDED Chinese translations #883 GodofMonkeys
FIXED List settings sometimes not selectable #835 commy2
FIXED Script errors resulting from getFov params #956 PabstMirror
FIXED Arma 3 v1.38 Issues - Updating Base Classes - ViperMaul
ADDED Optional component to remove stock missions #975 commy2
CHANGED Help module will display pretty name of addons if available #365 commy2
- FIXED Wrongly formatted Keybind arrary can permanently corrupt the variable array that holds all CBA Keybinds changes - Taosenai
IMPROVED Performance of CBA_fnc_getTurret, CBA_fnc_getFirer and CBA_fnc_getGroupIndex and better support of certain edge cases #291 commy2
FIXED CBA_fnc_formatNumber decimals with negative numbers #214 PabstMirror
ADDED CBA_fnc_removeWhitespace ported from ACE 3 #457 commy2
CHANGED Global settings no longer forced by mission automatically #800 commy2

- Spooner
ADDED CBA_Extended_EventHandlers_base class for easy class inheritance #294 commy2
ADDED CBA_fnc_hashSize function to get size of hashes #528, #531 Killswitch00
IMPROVED Init-box size and enabled local variables and return values #612, #620 commy2
FIXED CBA_fnc_getArea broken with area arrays #579 PabstMirror
ADDED Optional parameter to indicate settings that require mission restart #894 commy2
FIXED Inputting keybinds with Enter, Tab keys #951 commy2
This update adds the CBA_MiscItem base class that can be used for generic items that should appear as generic items in the Virtual Arsenal. It furthermore contains adjustments for various changes in the 1.76 update, Chinese translations and bug fixes.
IMPROVED Increased Layout Editor control limit from 22 to 100 #958 mharis001
FIXED CBA_fnc_findMin was broken #257, #207 commy2
ADDED CONFIG type as param in CBA_fnc_getTurret #729 Dystopian
ADDED enableDebugConsoleSP mission config entry #843 commy2
IMPROVED Remove some obsolete productVersion checks #432 commy2

IMPROVED Performance of RETNIL macro #537 654wak654
IMPROVED Simplify CBA_fnc_filter with new SQF commands #465 commy2
ADDED Search bar in mission browser #974 commy2
CHANGED Adjustments for new APEX options menu grid #396, #397, #419, #420 commy2, PabstMirror

IMPROVED CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler - Replaced set count for pushback - Glowbal

Some CBA keybinds might not appear in the controls menu. The easiest currently known workaround is to create a new user profile.
FIXED Conflict between CBA Events and Help prevents mission from loading #244 commy2
ADDED Settings framework #317, #409 commy2
or released under a free software license. Only if you are directly including CBA code
FIXED Debug console disabled in SP Virtual Arsenal mission after v1.76 update #743 commy2
IMPROVED CBA_fnc_removeXCargo functions to retain items properly #596 jonpas
FIXED CBA uses old vehicle customization init event handlers 76268 - Killswitch
IMPROVED Some function headers for documentation #321 Killswitch00
REMOVED Superfluous private in player events #711 jokoho48

- IMPROVED Improve isTurnedOut function to support methods used by Armas core engine. 74888 - Nou
CHANGED Make the CBA per-frame handlers work during mission briefing 76243 - Killswitch
Change log for CBA v3.5.0
FIXED Restore XEH init EH for the BLUFOR FIA, Story and other Civilian units. - Killswitch
It also fixes a bug where Zeus can not rotate objects that were created on the server.

The community is very much encouraged to request or submit functionality- The most obvious example would be to submit functions to be included in the CBA function library.

IMPROVED Projectile Tracking optimzed by not tracking stationary objects #985 PabstMirror
FIXED XEH initPost running twice #567, #578 SilentSpike PabstMirror
- Big thanks to ViperMaul, BarmArmy and Rocko for their work on the conversion.
IMPROVED Extended Event Handler system rewritten commy2
FIXED XEH compatibility with new assets #399 commy2
IMPROVED CBA_fnc_split fails on char count > 10000 76263 - Pabst Mirror
- FIXED Fixed Parachute Explosion when landing too fast. As well as other EH fixes 74393 - killswitch
ADDED CBA_fnc_compatibleMagazines that supports mag wells #965 PabstMirror
ADDED meta.cpp file for server browser and Steam Workshop support #277 bux578
FIXED Patrol pattern of CBA_fnc_taskPatrol #572 SilentSpike

Aims to have community wide acceptance and to be used as much as possible by community addons to maintain compatibility.
ADDED FILE_EXISTS macro #899 chris579

FIXED RPT Errors with Updating Base Class and Cannot Delete.... - ViperMaul

CHANGED CBA_fnc_addKeybind can take pretranslated stringkeys #794, #818 Dorbedo commy2
ADDED New keybind API CBA_fnc_addKeybind - Nou
FIXED Weapon accessory switching issue with inheritance #722 PabstMirror
- Jaynus
IMPROVED Server performance 76242 - Killswitch
IMPROVED Compatibilty with 1.54 version of Linux/MacOS build #301, #330 commy2


ADDED Shortcuts for debug console, functions and config viewer in 3den-editor #274 commy2
FIXED Incorrect building position storage in CBA_fnc_taskDefend #440, #488 SilentSpike
OPTIMIZED An if statement in state machine #550 jameslkingsley
IMPROVED Remove obsolete PlayerConnected, PlayerDisconnected band aid fix #443 commy2
IMPROVED Removed a semicolon to indicate a return value #524 commy2
ADDED CBA_fnc_vectRotate3D based on Rodrigues Rotation Formula #898, #906 LorenLuke

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